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If such is the celebration. Then there is no difference between earth and heaven.

 Nileshbhai's wedding


Wedding Stories

We believe wedding photography should be fun, delightful and inspirational. While styles and approaches evolve over the years, raw storytelling always remains the same. This is a handpicked collections from the many weddings we have had a privilege to document over the years. These stories were made with love and passion, happened all over India. We look forward to being a part of your story!



Barat & Bidai

Bridal Charm 

Groom Attire 

Bride & Groom


We don't remember days; we remember moments.
- Cesare Pavese


Pre-wedding Stories

Always keep in mind - people want to preserve real moments from everyday life. Moments that speak to the human experience. That's the kinds of connection that secures a strong and stable bond.