Awesome Pre-shoot Locations in Surat

If you prefer to have outdoor photo-shoot rather than in a studio, the effort in choosing the right locations is quite challenging. Needless to say, the choice of location will determine the success of your photo shoot.

The key to finding the perfect location for outdoor portraits isn’t to find one that has the prettiest elements, but rather, one that has objects that provide shade when there is a bright sun.

I have shortlisted some of the prettiest locations in Surat that provide the perfect opportunity for outdoor photo-shoots.

Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden:

This is the biggest garden in surat with beautiful landscape, flowers, trees, lakes etc. I believe this is the number one place to visit in surat. Everyone nature lover and photography crazies must visit this beautiful garden.

"In the botanical garden site, there is a herbal forest, Ashok Van, Nakshatra van, bamboo woods, house plant nurseries, aquatic and rock garden among other things.”  This place can take the place of a one-day picnic spot and photo-shoot adventure.

The mottling, diffusing effect of overhead trees can give a greater scope to shoot in the green cover. A blanket of leaves will soften the sunlight and be using a well-shaped tree trunk will add a nice element to your composition.The contrast between a blue sky and green grass gives an excellent base on which to frame your portrait. Using a polarizing filter will further enhance those striking tones as well. Look for colors in your surroundings that complement your subject and don’t be scared to use vibrant flowers to jazz up your image.

Dutch Cemetery:

The Dutch cemetery at Surat is situated in a locality known as 'Gulam-Falia' near the main road leading to Katargam Gate. The Dutch tombs are of various sizes and shapes, but the one that excels all the rest in magnificence is the grandiose mausoleum of Baron Adrian Van Reede.

Dutch cemetery, Surat is a perfect destination for a great time with your dear ones.  With so much to lure your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get drenched in the spirit of photo-shoot adventure that you get to explore at the dutch cemetery. Dutch cemetery is not just the place for sightseeing, but it also enables you to steal the self-indulgent moments. World standards, extraordinary architecture, innovative layouts, and well-thought execution make a place a highly coveted point of photo enthusiast people.

Suvali Beach:

Suvali Beach is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea situated near the village of Suvali in the Hazira suburb of Surat. Suvali beach is a black sand beach. The sand is slippery and slips past beneath your feet.  The beach is perfect to spend quiet moments alone or with your family and friends. Come here to witness a blissful sunrise and sunset.

A trip to the beach is a great way to get people comfortable, and a relaxed sitter will translate into a natural photograph. It’s worth remembering that the time of day not only affects the light but also how comfortable your sitter is. Shooting at midday not only casts harsh shadows from strong, directional light but also carries the distinct risk of sunburn. Shooting earlier or later in the day will give you a softer type of light to work with and will complement skin tones well. Sand can act as a lovely warming reflector, directing sunlight upwards; especially nice for portraits where your subject is lying down.

Doesn’t it consume a lot of energy to find perfect location for you photo-shoot? Isn’t choosing qualified studio partner for photographing those cherished moments one of them? If yours’ is the same opine, don’t hesitate to make just one visit to us. It will cost your half an hour time, but it may save your day…