Hollywood caliber color grading tool is available for Free.

color is wonderful, without color, life as we know it would be drab and dreary.

Color is life, from the environment to clothes and makeup. In the initial days of my career I had dealt with color grading for fabrics such as sarees and dress materials. Now, it has replaced with color grading in videos.

In the world of video, color grading is an art form all its own. It is a fundamental element of visual storytelling. Traditionally, artists use it to set the mood for their work, the tone of their voice, and to carry a theme in their craft. Color grading can make a drastic change to footage, turning day into night or making a drab shot into a vivid landscape.

Color correction and color grading are often misinterpreted and one process is mistaken for the other. While they do share some of the same tools and processes, they are different.

What is the difference between color correction and color grading???

Color correction is the process where every clip is manually tweaked to get a good exposure and balance of light. Each clip is adjusted to match color temperature to a predefined choice for each scene. The use of SCOPES (Waveform, Vectorscope, Parade) is critical to this step and luckily most NLE’s and Grading software have them built-in.

Color grading is the creative process where decisions are made to further enhance or establish a new visual tone to the project through software including: introducing new color themes, re-lighting within a frame, films stock emulations, color gradients and a slew of other choices. Being that this is purely creative, there is no wrong or right…only what color  feel is appropriate for the story.

In the not so distant past, the post-production process of color grading was reserved for expensive edit suites, requiring specific and finite tools. Today, color grading is accessible to any editor and the tools to accomplish it are found in most video editing programs. The tools available are so numerous, from pricy Premire Pro to almost free and powerful DaVinci Resolve lite.

If you are color enthusiastic and want to give a try on color grading, DaVinci Resolve is for you and it’s free. Let's look into some of tutorials based around basic color grading in DaVinci Resolve by Casey Faris ...


If you would like to download Free software of DaVinci Resolve and DIY color grading, you can get it from it's site itself.. here