A ring of passion, love and determination

Agra city is known for the world heritage site Taj Mahal built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his begum Mumtaz Mahal. It is made of white marble, also called sang-e-mar-mar. It’s also known as a symbol of love.

It was a beautiful coincidence that our team had to travel to Agra city to attend an Engagement ceremony of a lovely couple. They were like a symbol of love. They were representing the Taj Mahal.

About me

My name is Arpana Bhardwaj.
I was born in Agra.
I belonged to a Brahmin family.
I like shopping, street food, travelling, and dancing.
I dislike liars, sore losers, creepy crawlies, and inactivity.
I am easy going, generous, down-to-earth, understanding and caring

About me

My name is Sunil Kothari.
I was born in Agra.
I belonged to Sindhi family.
I like food, music, working out, and gadgets.
I dislike any sort of discomfort and disloyalty.


Our story

It was 8 April 2004, when we met the first time. It was our school days, and we were a classmate. We could not surmise when this casual relationship turned into the sheer friendship. Of course, it had nothing to do with our relationship for where would it drag us in the future. But both of us had envisaged our destiny, that we would not be the same buddy anymore, we would let each other to steal our heart so romantically.

But that's not how the story was begun. It was August 2009, when we choose the destiny. We made a call to be committed to each other forever. Albeit after we had convinced our parents since we were coming from a different cast. 

Today is 8 May 2016. And, we have got together to celebrate a Ring Ceremony. A ring of passion, determination, and love. A symbol of love…

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