Aao milkar saath chale...

Can you see a pain behind this smile. Can you feel dreams in those eyes. Can you hear what they asks us to do. Probably not. Because, we are so immersed in ourselves that we are become dumb, blind and deaf.
Fortunately there is always someone who is not as emotionless as we are. And, there has to be. Like, Department of Empowerment of Disabled, Government of India and ALIMCO as part of the government's ongoing "Accessible India" initiative, under guidance and motivation of P M Narendra Modi organised event called Aao Milkar Saath Chale to help divyangs-differently-abled people.  It was September 17, 2016 when this event took place in Navsari, Gujarat. It is a day to remember for us.
There is one more reason to remember this event. It was 66th birthday of the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Which was celebrated by successfully attempting three Guinness World Record titles.

1-Most oil lamps lit simultaneously(single venue)

2-Largest wheelchair logo/image, and

3-Most people fitted with hearing aids in 8 hours.

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