Studios 360 is a design factory, a boutique, digital creative & advertising agency with a team of pioneer designers, photographers, obsessed editors, strategic & management experts.
We are a small dedicated team passionate about design, development and digital.
We are crafted with good listening skills so as to understand your story.
We will grab the opportunity to do every job entrusted on us with real pride.


Our Story

While Asha was helping brands with their go-to-branding strategy, we started to notice something amazing: Customers had gotten really good at advertising and marketing tactics. They had realized branding exercise will go futile if not practiced in conjunction with advertising and marketing campaigns. The tried and true tactics of old (brand identity development) simply wasn’t enough.

Meanwhile social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+ were seeing tremendous growth in live interaction. How had these simple platforms with little expenditure generated more traffic than companies with professional marketing teams and way bigger budgets? It felt like modern day Dhoni versus Syed Kirmani.

Besides, brands that used visual content such as real moments and videos found that it encourages greater engagement with their audience.

So after some experiments and lots of research, we came to the simple observation.

People don’t want to rely on traditional branding strategy. They want to tell their brand story.

It was April, 2014 when we started Studios360, a Visual Storytelling company – a visual ad agency – to provide visual aid such as Graphic Design, Illustration, Brochure Design, Advertising Design, Photography and Marketing Video.

Our Deliverables

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Logo Design - Brand Identity Development

Branding is the expression of the essential truth or value of an organization, product, or service. It is communication of…

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Graphic Design - Adv/Marketing Design

Marketing communication is a fundamental and complex part of a company's marketing efforts...

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Brands that use original images have found that it encourages greater engagement with their audience... 

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Video Production

Brands that use videos have found that it encourages greater engagement with their audience. Authenticity taps ... 

Meet the Team

Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do a business.

Pradip Kadam - Founder & Owner


Key Personality Trait - Openness
He believes in transparency. And, equal access to information and knowledge for everyone.
He believes in collaborative management and decision-making. His expertise in managing all hustle works of events, weddings and all other photo & cinematography solutions, made Studios360 the brand.



Key Personality Trait - Conscientiousness
She is efficient and well-organized who enjoys to accept new challenges. She always likes to be on front and you can depend on her for outcome. She lives a designer's life where each day brings new beginning. Being a photography lover since her college times and Lalitkala Academy Photography Exhibition participant lead her in the Studio Profession, so she can serve 360 degree solution to her clientele. 


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